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You only see what is on the surface of the sand,

our machine removes what is BENEATH the surface









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Beach Cleaner Tractor Attached HD65

Beach Cleaning - Sand Care Service

Welcome to our website. Feel free to visit all of our pages and remember " A picture is worth a thousand words". If you have any questions or would like more information on our service, call or email us. We offer year round sand care service for both public and private beach owners. Our service area includes all coastal Long Island, New York Metro area.

Not many people actually have the time or patience to tend to their beach or sand area. Thankfully, Hermann Lindau & Son, Inc. is here to help you with your beach cleaning, sand care service. Whether you want to spruce up your sand area for that upcoming celebration, volleyball tournament or for a cleaner environment, put our experience professionals to work for your sand area. 

We are a professional and environmentally sound service that helps enhance the beauty and environment of beach front properties, volleyball courts, beach clubs, playgrounds and resorts. 

Our goal is to create a Clean, Safe and Healthy beach (C.S.H.B.) with our light weight, low compaction and easy to maneuver machines. With our specialized sifting equipment, we can access areas that those larger tractor pulled behind units cannot. This allows us to service the smaller privately owned and or smaller municipal sand areas with our beach cleaners.

Our sand sifting beach cleaners can remove, broken glass, cigarette filters, syringes, can pop-tops, sea shells, stones, wood, weeds, hardened tar balls and animal droppings from beaches, golf bunkers or any sand areas without tire tracks. Our machines have very little sand compaction because of the low PSI they have. With the intensive sifting action of our beach cleaners, the sand is well aerated allowing the ultraviolet rays of the sun to dry and sanitize the sand. This process helps eliminate harmful bacteria buildup and is recommended by many agencies around the world.

Our unique equipment is available exclusively from CleanSands, Inc. ( and is designed to leave little if any tire tracks in the finished sand area, unlike other equipment on the US market.

Beach Cleaning, beach cleaner, CleanSands

Our Services Include:

Seasonal Service

Initial Beach Cleaning Service


Monthly - Weekly Schedules


Special Occasion Service


Emergency Service


 Sand Grading

Beach Re-nourishment Material 

Sand Sifting / Raking  

Dune Restoration

Golf Bunkers - Sand Traps Sifting Cleaning

Beach Cleaner Beach cleaning
clean sands, Beach Cleaner - Beach Cleaning, Beach Cleanup, Self Propelled Beach Cleaner, Beach Sand Sifting Equipment, sand cleaner machine
BEACH CLEANER Track Driven - Less vibration, easy turning, no need to push in soft sands and no tire tracks
 The Barracuda is ideal for areas which require a very thorough cleaning but are not accessible by larger pull behind tractor equipment
Experience the highest quality beach service available on Long Island and the surrounding Shoreline areas, using the most advanced beach cleaning equipment
Beach Cleaning,  Beach Cleaner, cleansands
Beach Cleaning Machine, beach cleaner
Beach cleaning, beach cleaner
Beach cleaning, beach cleaner
Beach cleaning, beach cleaner
A Beautiful - Healthy - Clean Beach

With No Tire Tracks

Is Just A Phone Call Away

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