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Beach Cleaning - Sand Care - Beach Enhancements Services

Beach Enhancements include Beach Cleaning - Sand Care, a service that is being offered by Hermann Lindau & Son, Inc. This beach cleaning, sand sifting service has been offered for years in Europe and the Caribbean to private beaches, luxury resorts, golf courses and playground areas.

Founded in 1956 Hermann Lindau & Son, Inc. has been serving the New York Metro area, producing award winning projects that involved extreme detail to surface area preparation, grading and water flow. With the skills we have learned over many years; they now offer this professional environmentally sound service to enhance the beauty and environment of your beach, golf bunker or any sand area.

Using light weight, compact and easy to maneuver beach cleaners and understanding the need to remove sharp debris, unsightly trash and aerate the sand to help sanitize it, they acquired unique and specialized equipment to clean sand areas. This unique equipment is ideal for cleaning beaches or sand areas which require a very thorough beach raking, beach cleaning  but are not accessible to the larger heavier tractor pulled behind equipment. The equipment uses sand sifting screens that are designed to remove sand debris better when comparing to Tine sifting machines.

This service offers to smaller and large beach owner a way to help insure a cleaner, safer, healthier sand area without the use of heavy cumbersome larger tractor pulled behind equipment weighing 5,000-10,000 lbs. Using their compact beach cleaning equipment that is easy to maneuver, they can access most beach areas even crossing over lawns with little or no damage when performing the beach cleaning service for your sand.
Our Beach Cleaning Equipment
Beach Cleaner, Beach Cleaning Equipment, Beach cleaner compact tractor
Beach Cleaner, Beach Cleaning Equipment, Beach cleaner compact tractor
Beach Cleaner Beach Cleanup
Beach Cleaner in action
 For The Larger Sand Areas

Our 52" & 65" Tractor Attached Model

Beach cleaning, beach cleaner
Tractor Mounted Beach Cleaner
Beach cleaning, beach cleaner
Heavy Duty Beach Cleaner
Beach Cleaner, Beach Cleaning Equipment, Beach cleaning
Beach Cleaning, Beach Clean Up, Beach Raking, Beach Grooming,

Beach Cleaning


Beach Enhancements

Beach Cleaning, Beach Cleaner, Clean Beach
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